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Top 10 In-Demand Freelancing Job Skills

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2021 has been a year of change in many aspects, but perhaps none more so than in the way we work. The traditional office environment has evolved, and work is no longer a place we “go to” but rather a space we “work from.” Freelancers have been ahead of this particular curve for a while, but now employers are adapting to the necessary flexibility of providing a work-from-home option, to stay in business and keep their workforce employed.

This shift has been driven by a number of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses forced to shut down or limit operations, many have turned to remote work as a way to keep their employees working and productive. But even after the pandemic ends, it’s likely that work-from-home arrangements will continue to increase in popularity, as employers and employees alike have come to appreciate the benefits of this type of arrangement.

Work-from-home arrangements offer a number of advantages, including increased flexibility and freedom, decreased commute times, and lower overhead costs for businesses. For employees, working from home can lead to a better work-life balance, as well as increased productivity and creativity. And for businesses, allowing employees to work from home can lead to improved morale and retention.

If you’re considering making the switch to working from home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to make sure you have a dedicated workspace in your home that is separate from your living space. This will help you to avoid distractions and stay focused on your work. Second, you’ll need to be comfortable with communicating virtually, whether, through email, instant messaging, or video conferencing. And finally, you’ll need to have the self-discipline to stay on task and maintain a regular work schedule.

Working from home is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a more flexible and free way to work, it may be the perfect solution for you.

For those whose career path has been recently unearthed and are looking to translate their current skill set into a more mobile proposition, we at Freelancer Bangladesh club want to examine the most in-demand freelancing job skills that are pivotal in the current market.

1. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Freelance accountants provide a wide range of financial services to both private and professional clients. This can include anything from supervising a client’s expenditure and returns to analyzing and maintaining records, updating processes and systems, paying taxes, and investigating fraud.

💡 Skill Set: 

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Master of Professional Accounting, or Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)

  • Clear and concise Communication Skills
  • Computer & Software Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Accuracy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management

💡 In-Demand Industries

With money, you can have anything you want in the world. There’s nothing you can’t do!

In-Demand Industries
In-Demand Industries

Source: Google Trends, Past 5 Years


are financial experts who keep track of a client’s daily financial transactions to ensure they are organized. Duties include processing receipts and payments, preparing invoices, balancing ledgers, payroll, preparing tax returns, filing and paperwork.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a bookkeeping course is recommended for this position. The successful candidate will have strong computer and software skills, be able to problem solve, and have a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. They must also be able to maintain confidentiality.

💡 In-Demand Industries: 

People who work with money are always in demand. Service niche industries, such as Real Estate or Multimedia, will make you vital.

Source: Google Trends, Past 5 Years

2. Consultancy

Consultants can help improve a company’s operations, productivity, profitability, structures, and strategies. They can direct research into the specific business and general industry expertise, and suggest implementation procedures and employee training programs.

💡 Skill Set:

Expertise in given fields with years of experience. Outstanding Interview, Survey, and Data Collection abilities. Situational and Data Analytics. Superior Interpersonal, Communication, Public Speaking, and Training Skills.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Supply chain management, strategy, information technology, finance, marketing, and human resources are all important aspects of the business. Each one plays a vital role in the success of a company. By understanding how each of these areas works together, businesses can create a well-rounded and successful operation.

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3. Graphic Design

Graphic designers visually translate a brand, message, or goal through memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing imagery. By developing concepts, graphics, and layouts for clients, they are able to promote products and grab the consumer’s attention instantly. Jobs typically encompass signage, logos, ads, labels, and displays in either analog or digital mediums.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design is recommended for those who wish to pursue a career in this field. However, there are graphic design courses available that can provide the necessary skills and knowledge for the job. Those who are proficient in industry-standard photo editing/design software will have an advantage in this field. Graphic designers need to have an abundance of innovation, creativity, and insight into the current commercial environment. They should also be able to draw, typeset, print, produce, budget, and manage time effectively. Accuracy and attention to detail are also essential skills for graphic designers.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Advertising, signage, brand awareness, print media, multimedia, and product packaging all play a role in marketing a product or service. By creating a cohesive and well-designed marketing campaign that incorporates all of these elements, businesses can reach a wide audience and effectively promote their product or service.

4. Photography & Videography

As a photographer, you must be able to produce high-quality, evocative photos that capture a moment, tell a story, or sell a product. This can be done by mastering each step of the process, from lighting and shooting to developing, printing, editing, and retouching in both film and digital mediums. You should also be able to write captions, descriptions, or articles to accompany the photo.

💡 Skill Set:

A degree in the arts or a photography course is recommended for anyone wishing to pursue a career in photography. Industry-standard hardware and software skills are a must, as is mastery of composition, light, colour, texture, shape, and space. Superior attention to detail and developed interpersonal and communication skills are also essential.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Advertising, multimedia, events, fashion, product and packaging design, exhibition design, print media, social media, website design, and stock imagery.

VIDEOGRAPHERS are responsible for capturing an idea, scene, or event via moving images. They direct live action in order to communicate a brief, brand, or concept in a dynamic and entertaining way. They are also responsible for running a studio set or location, scheduled and liaising with a cast, crew, and clients, and overseeing post-production requirements such as editing, sound, and music.

💡 Skill Set:

The Bachelor of Film & Television or Production Course (recommended) will give you proficiency with Industry-Standard Hardware & Software in the Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production stages, as well as the Exceptional Interpersonal, Communication, Time Management, Budgeting, and Storytelling Skills needed to sustain long production days.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

No matter what the occasion, our team can help make it a success! We specialize in weddings, events, media, advertising, social media, corporate training, digital marketing, real estate, and travel. Let us know how we can help you make your next event a success!

5. SEO

A SEARCH ENGINE optimization specialist is someone who understands how to increase traffic to websites via search engines. They develop and implement strategies using phrases, keywords, design, and advertising to ensure their client’s site results in a prime search position, attracting more sales, customers, and clicks. This specialist has the ability to improve a website’s ranking on search engines, making it more visible to potential customers.

💡 Skill Set:

SEO Certification (recommended.) Keyword Research, Search Engine Algorithms, Computer, and Programming Literacy, Written and Verbal Skills, Adaptability.

💡 In-Demand Industries: The internet!

6. Social Media Manager & Community Manager

The social media manager’s role is to create engaging multi-platform content to promote and manage an organization’s online profile. They develop and deliver a variety of content to create brand awareness, launch product campaigns, enhance customer service and build influencer relationships. They need to be familiar with the latest trends and implement strategies that elevate brands and stay ahead of competitors.

💡 Skill Set:

It is recommended that you have a degree in Communications, Media, Digital Marketing, Advertising, or a relevant course. You should also have a keen understanding of the nuances and analytics of all social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Furthermore, you should be a self-starter, creative, on-trend, strategic, and organized with industry-standard hardware and software.

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💡 In-Demand Industries:

The World Wide Web is a digital marketing and advertising platform that connects businesses, brands, and consumers. It is a multimedia platform that helps businesses promote their products and services to a global audience. The World Wide Web is also a powerful tool for corporations to connect with their customers and build relationships.

Community managers facilitate and moderate a company’s online community, connecting core customers who share similar interests. By supporting and engaging members, they build brand awareness and create loyalty within the community, developing discussion and providing valuable product and service insights. This ultimately translates to self-sufficient relationships from the customer base and builds brand confidence.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, media or communications is recommended for this position, as is industry-standard hardware and software. The ideal candidate will also have experience with platform tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights in order to plan, analyze, monitor, and report. Familiarity with marketing, sales, and customer care strategies is also preferred. Finally, soft skills such as empathy, communication, adaptability, and the ability to create a positive online experience are vital for this role.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

The World Wide Web is an amazing tool that can be used for digital marketing, advertising agencies, multimedia, brands, and corporations. With so many different ways to use the internet, the possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing and advertising. Whether you want to reach a global audience or a more targeted group, the World Wide Web can help you achieve your goals.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can perform a wide range of tasks to help an employer with their daily administrative duties. This can include tasks such as scheduling calendars and meetings, filing, research, managing expenses, and responding to calls, emails, and various messaging services. Having attention to detail is crucial when assisting multiple employers simultaneously.

💡 Skill Set:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work independently and take initiative
  • Highly organized, efficient, and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Proficient in word processing and using industry-standard computer applications

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Marketing agencies, IT companies, law firms, real estate firms, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and start-ups all need to have a strong online presence in order to succeed. By working with an experienced digital marketing agency, they can ensure that their website is designed correctly, their online content is high-quality, and their overall digital marketing strategy is effective.

8. Website Design

Web design covers a broad range of skills, but designers are predominantly responsible for planning, creating, formatting, and coding internet sites. Combining several design elements, such as image, text, video, sound, graphics, and layout, is foundational to building an on-brand and engaging website.

💡 Skill Set:

An Associate’s Degree in Web Design or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming can give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the web design industry. These programs can teach you principles of design, composition, typography, color theory, and UX/UI, as well as programming languages such as HTML and Javascript. Additionally, keeping up-to-date with contemporary industry-standard technological and software developments is essential for anyone looking to enter or stay in the web design field.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

People who use websites! Software companies, IT, advertising, marketing, mobile phone design, eCommerce.

9. Website Development (Coders, Developers & Programmers, Software Engineers)

Coding is typically seen as an entry-level skill, and coders are often delegated to write straightforward code by more experienced developers. Skilled coders may be proficient in one or two coding languages, but their focus is on programming software, markup writing, and organizing and formatting text.

💡 Skill Set:

To be eligible for this role, you will need a Certificate IV in Information Technology, Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development or Computer Science (or equivalent.) You will also need industry-standard hardware and software capabilities, as well as programming languages such as HTML and Javascript. Furthermore, problem-solving, mathematics, accuracy, attention to detail and communication skills are essential for this role.

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💡 In-Demand Industries:

In the Digital Age, there is a big selection of different types of technology companies. Some of the most popular include software companies, IT companies, advertising and marketing companies, mobile phone design companies, finance companies, eCommerce companies, electronics companies, healthcare companies, and education companies.

Developers and programmers are often used interchangeably. More experienced than coders, with the ability to write several error-free coding languages, they supervise the end-to-end design and development of an application. Well-versed in algorithms, their insight creates superior levels of software programming.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in software development, computer science, or a related field is preferred. Industry-standard hardware and software capabilities, programming and formatting languages (such as HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Java, C++, or Python), problem-solving, mathematics, accuracy, attention to detail, communication, and interpersonal skills are required.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

The world is waiting for you to take your place in it.

There is no doubt that software engineers are at the forefront of website development. With their vast knowledge of multiple programming languages, systems, and algorithms, they are able to identify and improve standard operating procedures, as well as oversee the architecture of a program from concept to completion. In addition, their innate understanding of UI and UX allows them to create engaging and effective applications.

💡 Skill Set:

In addition to the Developer and Programmer Skill Set, a Master’s Degree in Systems Design, Engineering, or Software Development (or equivalent) is required.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Cyber security, IT, multimedia, applications development, game development, website design, and development are all important fields of study.

10. Writing (Copywriting, Content Marketing, Report Writing)

As a copywriter, you should be able to write clear and compelling copy that is brand-aware and engaging. You should be able to write for various mediums, such as web articles, newsletters, reports, handbooks, courses, advertising, scripts, email, press releases, and social media.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in communications, English, or marketing (or an equivalent degree) is recommended for this position, as is a writing portfolio that ideally includes a website and/or blog. The ideal candidate for this position will have excellent grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, formatting, editing, communication, SEO, and research skills, as well as a creative flair. Superior attention to detail is also required.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Advertising, digital marketing, media, internal communications, social media, merchandising, and content marketing are all important aspects of marketing. By understanding and utilizing all of these different marketing strategies, businesses can create a well-rounded marketing plan that will reach their target audiences through a variety of channels.

Content marketers are responsible for conducting thorough research and analysis of industry-related topics to generate concepts and content for their clients. They also promote brand awareness and generate leads by writing and designing entertaining copy for platform-specific engagement. Furthermore, content marketers must be able to analyze and strategize for on-trend content.

💡 Skill Set:

Copywriting, Sales and Marketing, Data Analysis, SEO, SEM, Technical and Analytics Tools, Social Media Platforms.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Event Marketing, Advertising, Consulting

Report writers conduct research on a given topic, analyze the findings, and present them in a clear and concise manner. They must have excellent grammar and formatting skills to effectively communicate their findings. Report writers often specialize in a particular field, such as science or business.

💡 Skill Set:

A bachelor’s degree in communications, English, or marketing (or an equivalent degree) is recommended for this position. The successful candidate will have strong data analysis skills, the ability to format and structure data, evaluate data, proof and edit documents, and be familiar with regulatory standards and methodologies. This position requires meticulous attention to detail.

💡 In-Demand Industries:

Technical Manuals, Research & Development, Finance, Education, Politics, Regulatory Bodies, Science and Healthcare.

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